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The Importance of Steel Toe Caps & Anti Slip Polyurethane Soles

Do Safety Boots Need Steel Toe Caps? Steel toe caps and anti-slip polyurethane soles are two of the most important features in safety footwear. These features not only provide protection for the wearer but also offer additional safety benefits that are crucial in hazardous environments. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of […]

India The Leather Manufacturing Capital of the World

Leather has been an integral part of human culture for centuries, serving as a versatile and durable material for various products. In recent decades, India has emerged as a global leader in leather manufacturing, capturing a significant share of the market. This extensive blog delves into the historical context, geographical advantages, traditional craftsmanship, government policies, […]

Footwear Through the Ages

Footwear Through the Ages: Tracing the Origins and Evolution of Footwear Footwear has been an integral part of human history, protecting our feet from the elements and providing comfort and support. However, the journey of footwear began long before the advent of civilization. Join me as we embark on an extensive exploration of the origins […]

ISO 20345 Code For Safety Boots

Q: SANS / ISO 20345? What am I? A: Safety boot or Safety shoe This is the International Standards Organisation (ISO) code for footwear that has been approved to avoid risk of injury at work. SANS (South African National Standard) has adopted the ISO marking. All safety footwear sold in South Africa must, mandatorily, have […]

Steel Toe Caps vs Composite Toe Caps

Why use composite toe caps? For many industrial sector workers, wearing shoes or boots with toe caps on a daily basis is challenging. The two most commonly requested features are weight and comfort. Composite toe caps are lighter than steel and they are also more durable. Composite toe caps are made from a plethora of […]

Safety Boot Codes Explained

What Are Safety Boot Codes? When buying safety boots there can be a lot to consider. Looks are important but you can’t disregard the critical factors in place of beauty! Yes, it’s important and we want our clients to be happy in what they wear but not at the expense of safety – that’s for […]