Heat Resistant Outersoles

Most work environment applications are covered by the standard Polyurethane outsole. Lightweight, flexible, excellent slip resistance, heat resistance between 90’ and 110’ degrees, and durable. They are anti-static and also resistant to oil, petrol and diesel. Whether fruit picking, building on a construction site, working in an engineering environment or even on an oil rig – the tried and tested PU/PU sole has you covered. But what happens when the temperature gauge is turned up or petrol and diesel turns into acids or other chemicals? That’s when you switch to a more heavy duty sole compound in the form of rubber. Non-conductive to electricity, oil/acid/petrol and diesel resistant, 300’ degree heat resistant and very hard wearing. The sole compound plays a vital role in the longevity of your footwear.

It stands to reason, as the sole is in constant contact with the surface on which you walk and work. If you climb on scaffolding all day, work on abrasive metal surfaces, on concrete or jagged stones – the rubber sole will last longer and provide a more stable surface. As is the nature of more heavy duty environments – the risks associated in those areas increase as well, and often one needs the added protection of anti-penetration midsoles (to protect you from sharp shards of metal, glass, or heat) or to protect the bones of one’s feet.

ProFit Safety Footwear has a range of six different rubber soled styles to protect men and women from all the added dangers of a heavy duty work environment.

Hot surfaces, risky work surfaces, falling objects and chemical spills are a few of hazards which our Tarantula, Black Widow, Redback and Shamrock take in their stride. Coming with a variation of anti-perforation fabric midsoles, metatarsal guard and thick top grain leather uppers. And, offered in the full size range from UK 2 to UK 15, we cater for the needs of the entire workforce.

If you are upgrading your head, eye, ear, hands and workwear to deal with super heavy duty work environments, you should certainly do so with the most important part of your body walking around in that environment – your feet! Look for the HRO marking on the spec sheet/bottom of the sole or red colours on the sole indicating you are holding a boot designed with heat applications in mind. More expensive that Polyurethane, yes, but certainly purpose built and longer lasting. Suited for the right work environment and avoiding risk from Day 1.

For a chat about your work forces safety boot requirements please give us a call on +27 11 892 8030 / 8031 / 8032 or drop an email to organise a call info@profitfootwear.co.za