Orders can either be placed online, on this website under the SHOP tab – or with a Certified Partner (Stockist). Should you wish to order online, click SHOP, then click on the style of your choice and scroll down through the information for pricing and sizing. Pop your size into the cart and check out.

The quickest and fastest method is via PAYFAST with the use of a debit or credit card. This reflects immediately, and despatch is done on the same day. You have the option to do an EFT directly into our bank account, but this can take time to reflect. We recommend emailing a proof of payment as soon as possible to avoid delay.

We use The Courier Guy whom has a vast network of branches across South Africa. Delivery is normally within 24-48 hours to most destinations. Outlying areas can take up to 72 hours from time of despatch.

If your order is big, and for your whole company or another company – we request you contact a Certified Partner of ours from the LOCATE A STOCKIST page. They carry bulk, can access bulk – and can offer highly competitive pricing due to their monthly quantity orders kept in stock. If you are buying bulk, this is undoubtedly the fastest way to access products at excellent pricing.

Please view the LOCATE A STOCKIST page, and find a Certified Partner in your province and area. They will have access to the product and allow you to fit and try on sizing.

This is a simple answer. We have set up a distribution network of some of the largest PPE companies in Southern Africa. Offering head to toe protection. They are one stop shops, for all your needs. Our commitment to these Certified Partners is swift, efficient delivery and high quality product. Based on their monthly usage, size and style trends – we can guarantee their stock orders are delivered timeously without any lead-times or delays. This network took us 7 years to establish – and the balance of demand and our supply to them is near perfect. Unnecessary expansion can cause pipeline delays and stock outs. This is not part of our strategy to ensure on-time delivery. These Certified Partners are an extension of our business – and they need to understand our product as well as we do.

It has to be! Safety First! All toe protected safety footwear sold in South Africa must comply with both SANS/ISO 20345 standards and be approved by the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) in Pretoria. We are also a proud member of SAPEMA.

SABS is a testing facility in South Africa located on their SABS campus in Pretoria. The SABS mark of approval is voluntary, but the NRCS mark of approval (called an LOA or Letter of Authority) is mandatory. It protects the consumer with regards to quality based on compulsory specifications. 

Our Men’s/Unisex range is offered from UK Size 2 to UK Size 15 ex stock. Our ladies’ specific range is available from a UK Size 2 to a UK Size 9 ex stock. No lead times for any sizes.

A toe cap protector (steel or composite) offering 200 Joules of resistance (20kg weight dropped from about 1 metre above the toe).  Slip resistance measured in either SRA, SRB or SRC levels. Anti-static or non-conductive soles made from either Polyurethane or Rubber respectively. An oil, acid, petrol, diesel and chemical resistant sole. A strong and abrasion resistant upper. Predominantly manufactured out of genuine leather animal hides.

No. Orders placed online are delivered. Collections can be made once you order from a Certified Partner, or from their walk in shops.

Most certainly not – and this is why we have a range of designs with up to 3 different toe cap shapes to cater for specific needs of one’s foot anatomy. Whilst most (up to 90%) will fit into one style, there will always be a need for sometimes narrower or sometimes wider designs. We urge you to read our blog about sizing and design. Incorrect footwear purchased for the wrong foot shape can be painful. It is not a fault of the boot, but that of the fit.

Definitely not. And again, it is why we don’t simply offer one boot or one shoe for all work environments. It would make our lives much easier to simply have one boot style and one shoe style! But every work environment has different needs and risks. This is why we have 21 different styles in our range – each suited to a specific need or risk assessed on site.

We’ve made this easy for you. Please SHOP BY YOUR INDUSTRY under the tab on the home page.

We most certainly do, and it is available for download on this website under the VIEW CATALOGUE tab, listing all the products. It is a comprehensive and interactive buyer’s guide with all the info you would need about our range of 21 styles.

Please browse and download (at the click of a button), the style’s specification sheet located on the specific style page. It has also the info you could need.

We have men’s and ladies’ industrial/anti-bacterial/anti-static socks, and super comfortable innersoles and footbeds. All in our SHOP. These are truly magnificent articles and add the next level of comfort and cushioning. Most styles come standard with comfort innersoles, but extra pairs can be purchased separately. The socks have a composition of 76% cotton, 22% polyamide/elastane and 2% silver for anti-bacterial properties. We cannot recommend them enough.

This one you need to read and understand fully, especially if you are asking yourself are all “leathers” the same? No. And you definitely need to be asking yourself if you are comparing apples with apples. Please read this article.