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Started in 2009 as the brain child of our fearless leader. He saw a gap in the market for another serious supplier and distributor of well manufactured but affordably priced steel toe cap safety shoes and safety boots in South Africa. He began importing a core range of about 9 styles to suit specific industry needs. It quickly found homes with some of the most recognised construction, mining, agricultural and engineering firms in South Africa. In 2016, the range rapidly accelerated to 19 styles and a set of comfort adding accessories. Core focus on high efficiency and stock availability, firmly cemented ProFit as a niche brand offering all the bells and whistles for the entire industrial and agricultural sector. Today we have 33 styles available from Certified Distribution Partners in 9 countries across Southern Africa.

We have proudly sold 3 029 317 pairs of safety shoes to date!

Our lean and mean, passionate team has almost 100 years worth of combined experience in the safety industry. Our objective is to offer you the perfect solution to all your safety footwear needs. Reach out to us and find out what you can expect from the youngest, most dynamic and fastest growing safety footwear brand in the country. Until you’ve experienced a few hours in a pair of ProFit safety boots or shoes – you’ve never really felt truly comfortable safety.

Our 4 “Pillars of ProFit” are More TRUST. More EXCELLENCE. More VALUE. More EXCLUSIVITY.

ProFit are one of the leading distributors of safety footwear manufactured for Southern Africa, supplying 33 styles of shoes and boots for the entire industrial and agricultural sector for men and ladies. Core focus on high efficiency and stock availability, which are now available from Certified Distribution Partners in 9 countries in Southern Africa.

To place an order please contact your local stockist, which can be located on our certified partner map. If you are not in the vicinity of a stockist and wish to order less than 3 pairs of shoes, please purchase from our safety shoes online retail store.

All indicative pricing is in South African Rand. For neighbouring countries, please place an inquiry with the distributor for a quote in their relevant currency.

We regularly feature best practice guides for safety shoe care, instructions for proper use, information regarding what goes into our shoes and even what to do when things go wrong… like having sore feet! Please visit our blog page to read more.

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